10 Anime Sequels Extra Mild-Hearted Than The Authentic

When a sequel to a collection releases, followers normally anticipate the subsequent story to get darker. That is very true in anime, the place followers usually see continuations from the second when issues get actual. The protagonists now know what they’re combating for or what they’re combating for has expanded to counter the antagonist’s objectives.

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Some exhibits need to work backward, although. After repeatedly displaying how critical issues are, as soon as they wrap their foremost story up, there’s nowhere left to go to get “extra” critical with out getting away from the core of what made the collection. In such instances, the subsequent present within the franchise will usually get much less critical in response, typically even changing into light-hearted.

10/10 Dragon Ball Tremendous Has Lowered Stakes However Impactful Battles

The main characters of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Tremendous began out with decrease stakes than Dragon Ball Z, with its opening arc being with a “God of Destruction” that by no means really destroyed something. Because the first arc was primarily based on Battle of the Gods, the intense vibe Z was recognized for was out of the blue gone.

And whereas some arcs are tenser than others, Dragon Ball Tremendous simply feels much less harmful than Dragon Ball Z ever did. A part of it’s there are just too many highly effective protagonists to believably assume the heroes may lose. Nonetheless, it is also legitimate to assume that Akira Toriyama merely is not as serious about telling tales just like the Frieza or Android Sagas, the place a loss meant your entire planet was destroyed.

9/10 Gundam ZZ Begins With A Fruit Struggle

An image from Gundam ZZ.

The 1985 anime Cellular Swimsuit Zeta Gundam is certainly one of Tomino’s darkest works. It begins with a teenage boy working from a tyrannical army who loses each dad and mom within the first 5 episodes. Many of the present’s foremost characters are useless by the tip, and even the hero is in tough form by the tip.

So naturally, ZZ Gundam begins with Judau Ashta, the brand new lead protagonist, having a fruit struggle with one of many remaining survivors from the final collection. Followers who end the collection know that ZZ Gundam ultimately does get fairly darkish, however the first half of the present is light-hearted, largely to steadiness out simply how grim Z Gundam’s finale is.

8/10 Nanoha Vivid Focuses On Martial Arts Tournaments Over Saving The World

Vivio Takamachi from Nanoha ViViD.

Nanoha StrikerS focuses on the adventures of Nanoha Takamachi and her pals, a bunch of magicians who examine harmful incidents world wide and shield the universe from harmful eldritch horrors and wacky scientists alike. StrikerS’ sequel collection/spin-off collection, Magical Lady Lyrical Nanoha ViViD, follows Nanoha’s adopted daughter, Vivio Takamachi, a younger woman with super magical powers.

Relatively than following in her mother’s footsteps, although, Vivio makes use of her powers in martial arts competitions. Although the fights aren’t any much less fascinating, the stakes are drastically lowered, and nobody is at risk. It is nonetheless a greater magical woman anime than most would anticipate.

7/10 Boruto Is Nothing Like Its Predecessors

Boruto and Kawaki from Boruto.

By its very nature, Boruto wasn’t going to be extra critical than Naruto Shippuden. With a spotlight again on the youthful ninja of Konoha, it is laborious to have the identical scale of missions. Nonetheless, Boruto is a large tone shift from even the unique Naruto collection.

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Relatively than give attention to the harmful world of being a genin-class ninja, the early episodes of Boruto give attention to the protagonist having virtually slice-of-life adventures inside the Naruto world. It is a captivating change of tempo; nevertheless, it is also one the followers are solely bored with. Even Boruto’s Chunin Examination is much less critical, with them being cautious to verify not one of the youthful ninjas are ever harmed.

6/10 Tekkaman Blade II Is Extra Hopeful Than The Authentic Sequence

An image from Tekkaman Blade.

The unique Tekkaman Blade collection is a grim motion collection from the early ’90s. Takaya’s battle towards the Radam is a warfare not only for humanity, however for his personal life, with every new transformation risking his life. The ending is respectable, but it surely nonetheless ends with him having misplaced greater than he gained.

Tekkaman Blade II has considerably extra enjoyable with the concept, introducing extra folks which are able to combating to lighten the burden on the protagonist. Even the ending is extra light-hearted, with all of the heroes surviving till the tip of the story.

5/10 Digimon Frontier Returns To Traditional Shonen Journey

Digimon Frontier's DigiDestined and their Evolutions.

After Digimon Tamers confirmed the DigiDestined fusing with their Digimon companions, there was just one thought left: the people needed to develop into the Digimon. And so it was with Digimon Frontier, the place the brand new group of youngsters reworked into totally different variations of heroes to save lots of the world.

Whereas Digimon Frontier had a way of hazard and stress in its battle, it could not compete with its predecessor. Digimon Tamers was designed as a kid-“pleasant” model of Neon Genesis Evangelion, with darker themes current greater than any collection that got here earlier than or after. Within the face of that, Frontier needed to return to its roots a bit. Digimon Frontier did have wonderful battles, although.

4/10 Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Introduces A Hero Who Needed To Really feel The Circulation

Yuma and Friends get ready to duel in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s is definitely one of many darkest children exhibits of the 2000s. The protagonist lives in a damaged metropolis that was deserted after a catastrophe partially destroyed it. It subtly references class divides and usually options characters risking their lives in duels. After which Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL options the protagonist speaking about “feeling the circulation.”

This wasn’t an accident, however relatively a distinction to offer children a break from 5D’s unrelentingly darkish tone. ZEXAL is an deliberately extra light-hearted, less-serious present, with Yuma being the primary legitimately terrible Duelist as a protagonist. The collection does get extra critical in a while as extra Quantity monsters seem on the present and the stakes are raised, however early ZEXAL sees the present go into straight slapstick.

3/10 Dragon Ball GT Turns Goku Into A Child Once more

Sigma Force Machine Mutants apprehend Goku in Dragon Ball GT.

After Dragon Ball Z ended within the early ’90s, Toei needed to maintain going with the collection despite the fact that Toriyama needed a break from a universe he’d been writing about for practically a decade. So with Toriyama’s blessing, Dragon Ball GT began not lengthy after Dragon Ball Z ended.

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The creators determined to harken again to Dragon Ball’s days, beginning with de-aging Goku into changing into a child once more. The villains have been additionally extra comedic for the primary half of the collection, and the collection supplied loads of villains who have been solely threats as a result of Goku was caught as a baby.

2/10 Soul Eater Not Is A Slice-Of-Life Sequence Inside The Soul Eater Universe

Angry school girls in Soul Eater Not.

The concept that Soul Eater Not is not all that critical is implied within the title. The collection is legitimately telling followers this is not like Soul Eater. These protagonists do not go on harmful adventures the place they threat their lives.

As a substitute, they spend time on the college, studying to grasp their talents within the hopes they may develop into helpful. Sadly, the followers did not assume too extremely of this collection. Soul Eater Not’s slice-of-life facets have been an enormous turn-off to individuals who have been anticipating a extra action-heavy collection.

1/10 Transformers: Robots In Disguise Introduced Humor Again To Transformers

Scourge from Transformers: Robots in Disguise.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise was the primary time Transformers went again to being anime since Victory ended again within the late ’80s rather than Takara’s Courageous Saga, a copycat of Transformers. For a lot of the ’90s, the main focus was on collection like Beast Wars and Beast Machines. However with Robots in Disguise, the collection went again to an anime-focus, and acquired a lot sillier in response.

With Transformers: Robots in Disguise, people have been introduced again to the present — and with them, a lot of the humor. The Autobots face off towards the Predacons, who may be both threatening or foolish, relying on the episode. It is not till Transformers: Armada that the collection will get again to being critical once more.

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