Chainsaw Man’s Eternity Satan Has the Similar Technique as FMA’s Gluttony

Chainsaw Man is infamous for gleefully breaking many established shonen guidelines and conventions, such because the supporting character Energy being a noxious and antagonistic woman and Denji being a lazy antihero who does not dream of changing into a hero or saving the world. These characters are even liable to misinform or betray each other, and the bat and eternity devils reap the benefits of that.

Devils are all about darkish, occultic bargains for energy at a value, and the eternity satan made the same supply to Denji’s group in latest Chainsaw Man episodes. Denji’s group is not precisely united by the facility of friendship — Energy and Kobeni would every promote out Denji to save lots of themselves or escape the eternity satan’s infinite abdomen. This would possibly remind followers of the same conundrum in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

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How the Setting Turned Denji’s & Edward’s Worst Enemy

aki, himeno, and denji running from the eternity devil

In motion shonen titles like Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer, the heroes should combat supernatural monsters reminiscent of devils, curses and even the twelve demon Moons. It is a simple thought for the protagonist to do battle with a humanoid enemy like Mahito or the battle-loving Akaza, however some shonen villains flip the setting itself into their greatest weapon, attacking the heroes from surprising angles. A minor instance was the demon Kyogai, who might strike his tsuzumi drums to rotate the room and disorient protagonist Tanjiro Kamado.

Now, Chainsaw Man‘s antihero Denji should cope with the eternity satan — a devious creature who reworked a complete lodge into its non-public area. Anybody who enters the lodge will discover themselves trapped on the eighth ground, with all stairs, home windows and different escape routes main proper again to the place the sufferer began. It is concurrently confining and infinite — a weird paradox that solely a satan might pull off.

This makes the terrain itself Denji’s worst enemy, and his squad could face loss of life by thirst or hunger if the satan does not get to them first. Anime followers might additionally evaluate this to Gluttony’s abdomen in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, one other confining however infinite realm that has no evident exit. Gluttony used his false Portal of Reality to soak up protagonist Edward Elric, Prince Ling Yao and Envy, trapping them inside a cavernous room with a shallow pool of blood and a set of previously-consumed objects. Envy defined that Gluttony’s abdomen had no escape route in any path, which means the three of them had been doomed to die there. Ed had by no means confronted a problem like that earlier than, however like Denji, the enemy additionally had a discount in thoughts. The query is that if the heroes will give one thing as much as escape their doom.

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When the Monster Affords a Darkish Deal to Escape Eternity

Edward with future sight

When the anime villains flip the setting right into a weapon, the heroes shortly run out of choices. Characters like Denji, Tanjiro and Ed can combat their method by way of most common battles, reminiscent of chopping off Enmu’s head within the Mugen Practice arc or slashing aside the bat satan, however their environment aren’t so simply destroyed. In some ways, this type of problem is a check of character for the protagonist and their allies, daring them to make use of their minds moderately than their power to outlive and escape. That is what occurred in each Chainsaw Man and Fullmetal Alchemist.

In FMA, Ed discovered that Envy was the one who set off the dreadful Ishvalan Civil Conflict, however for now, preventing Envy about that would not do any good. As an alternative, Ed needed to not solely cooperate with Envy to flee Gluttony’s abdomen but in addition carry out human transmutation, the last word sin. On high of that, he had to make use of the facility of Envy’s Thinker’s Stone — an influence that Ed objected to on many ranges. Nonetheless, he had no alternative, and he discovered it in himself to borrow Envy’s ill-gotten energy to make use of his new transmutation circle and open the Portal. That, in flip, allowed all three trapped characters to exit Gluttony’s abdomen.

In the meantime, in Chainsaw Man, the eternity satan presents the same check of character for the satan hunters. The eternity satan promised, maybe falsely, that it could let everybody go in the event that they provided Denji as a sacrifice first. It is actually a “take care of the satan,” and there’s already one very prepared taker — Kobeni. This satan hunter is a complete dandere — a sort however timid woman who cannot simply deal with hazard or strain. Out of desperation, Kobeni desires to sacrifice Denji at knifepoint, and in Aki’s and Himeno’s eyes, this exposes a significant weak point in Kobeni’s character.

Satan hunters are supposed to stay united in opposition to devils, however Kobeni went to the darkish facet anyway. Aki, Himeno and the others should contend not simply with survival but in addition with Kobeni’s actions and the growing temptation to simply accept the eternity satan’s discount, thereby guaranteeing their very own survival. Self-discipline and office guidelines could also be sturdy, however in dire instances like these, survival instincts would possibly take over, as they did for Kobeni. That is what it’d take to flee eternity.

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