Dragon Ball Confirms the REAL Demon King (& it’s Not Piccolo)

Piccolo was launched as a literal demon, nevertheless it turned crystal clear that he wasn’t one particularly after DBZ’s REAL Demon King made his debut.

Even supposing Piccolo was launched because the Demon King, his unique Dragon Ball title ended up being an entire lie–one thing that turned strikingly apparent as soon as the collection launched the true Demon King.

When Piccolo made his Dragon Ball debut, he wasn’t the heroic Z-Fighter followers know and love right this moment, however was as an alternative a centuries-old villain hellbent on decimating the whole world. As revealed within the King Piccolo Saga, King Piccolo was the incarnation of each ounce of evil that when resided inside Kami, the god of Earth. To turn out to be a god, Kami wanted to expel his darkish aspect and retain solely goodness and lightweight, and that darkness manifested itself as King Piccolo. Since Kami was god, King Piccolo noticed himself because the satan–even when that wasn’t essentially true. Because it turned out, each Kami and King Piccolo had been initially one Namekian who attained godhood. So, whereas King Piccolo thought he was a literal demon, there was nothing otherworldly about him in any respect, as he was merely simply one other evil alien creature.


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In Dragon Ball chapter 448 by Akira Toriyama, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, and Supreme Kai have tracked the villainous sorcerer, Babidi, to an underground lair the place the villain was making an attempt to awaken the seemingly omnipotent Majin Buu. With Babidi was a demonic-looking warrior named Dabura who was fully beneath the sorcerer’s management–and on this chapter, the Z-Fighters are proven precisely what Dabura can do. With a single transfer, the villain obliterated Supreme Kai’s attendant, Kibito, after which turned Krillin and Piccolo to stone with one other. When the surviving Z-Fighters requested Supreme Kai who that was, Shin informed them that Dabura was the king of the Demon Realm.

King Piccolo Solely Thought He was a Demon, however Dabura Really Is

DBZ confirms Piccolo isn't the real Demon King.

Dabura is definitely a demon from an otherworldly realm whereas King Piccolo was primarily only a confused Namekian. Since he was the evil that when resided in ‘god’, King Piccolo figured it solely made sense that he was the antithesis of that god, making him the king of demons. Nonetheless, upon the introduction of Dabura, each readers and Piccolo himself knew that wasn’t the reality. Plus, not solely was the existence of an precise Demon King an indicator that King Piccolo was by no means one, however the whole character arc of Piccolo himself proved that lengthy earlier than Dabura was even launched.

Piccolo (as followers know him right this moment) is the reincarnation of the ‘Demon King’ Piccolo and initially was simply as hellbent on destroying the world as his ‘father’ was–although over time, Piccolo discovered redemption and ended up changing into maybe the best Dragon Ball hero within the collection, proving he wasn’t fully unhealthy. Nonetheless, even when Piccolo stayed evil, he nonetheless wouldn’t have been a real Demon King as followers had been as soon as led to imagine, as Dragon Ball confirms Dabura is the true Demon King.

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