Dragon Ball Z Proved Chi-Chi is Nonetheless a Harmful Fighter With One Scene

Chi-Chi is a DBZ character who debuted as a talented fighter however has since been placed on the sidelines, although one scene proves she’s nonetheless harmful.

Whereas one can confidently say that Dragon Ball’s Chi-Chi has all however retired from the world of martial arts, one scene proves that, even together with her combating days behind her, Chi-Chi remains to be simply as harmful as she was upon her debut.

Dragon Ball followers are properly conscious that Chi-Chi is the spouse of Goku and the mom of Gohan and Goten, however her first few appearances show she is way over that. When Chi-Chi was launched, she is revealed to be the daughter of the Ox-King, making her the princess of Hearth Mountain. When readers first meet her, Chi-Chi is just a bit woman working for her life from a savage dinosaur. Proper when it appears as if she’d be eaten, Chi-Chi throws the blade that sat atop her helmet with such drive and precision on the pursuing carnivore that she cuts the dino’s head clear off–proving that, at the same time as a toddler, not even dinosaurs are protected from Chi-Chi’s wrath.


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In Dragon Ball chapter 433 by Akira Toriyama, the Z-Fighters have entered into the World Martial Arts Match to have a enjoyable match between them and show definitively who one of the best fighter actually is. Sadly, Goten and Trunks had been excluded from the competition as they had been too younger to take part within the grownup video games and will solely compete towards different youngsters their age. As Goten and Trunks fought their opponents (who they had been unsurprisingly capable of beat with ease), Bulma and Chi-Chi sat within the stands, cheering for his or her youngsters. Nonetheless, one other mother was additionally within the stands who was aggressively shouting at her youngsters–each of whom fought Goten and Trunks at completely different factors within the match–to beat Goten/Trunks any means they might. Nonetheless, when Goten and Trunks beat this girl’s youngsters with ease, it was the half-Saiyans’ moms she went after for retribution. The aggressive mom lunged at Bulma after Trunks defeated her little one, however earlier than she may inflict any injury upon the Z-Fighters’ founder, the violent mother was met by a swift punch to the face courtesy of Chi-Chi.

Chi-Chi is No Stranger to Dragon Ball’s Martial Arts Tournaments

Chi-Chi is still a dangerous DBZ fighter.

Chi-Chi knocked that violent mom out chilly with a single punch after the girl threatened Bulma–an act that proved Chi-Chi remains to be simply as harmful as she was when she killed that dinosaur. What’s attention-grabbing about this as properly, is that it occurred on the World Martial Arts Match lower than twenty years after Chi-Chi herself fought within the very contest she was now observing. Proper earlier than the beginning of the Dragon Ball Z period of the Dragon Ball franchise, Chi-Chi was a talented martial artist who entered into the World Martial Arts Match and fought towards none aside from Goku–a person who wouldn’t solely grow to be her husband, but in addition a cosmic savior and god-tier warrior.

Chi-Chi started her Dragon Ball profession as a dinosaur-killing princess who then fought Goku in a martial arts match earlier than turning into the spouse and mom of a few of the strongest beings within the cosmos–and thru all of it, Chi-Chi proves that she will nonetheless pack a imply punch when she must, as one Dragon Ball scene exhibits her doing precisely that.

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