Each Brother & Sister In Star Wars’ Inquisitors

The inquisitors have risen in recognition amongst Star Wars followers ever since they have been first launched in Rebels. The chilling visage of the Grand Inquisitor instilled worry into these he got here into contact with, and whereas they have been weaker than their chief, the Inquisitorius’ Brothers and Sisters have been simply as terrifying.

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As soon as that they had been corrupted to the darkish facet, the Inquisitors not glided by their unique names and as a substitute have been numbered, referred to solely as Brother or Sister. Whereas followers have seen a minimum of 13 totally different Inquisitors throughout a number of Star Wars media, solely 9 have been named as a Brother or Sister. Two stay unnamed, one was referred to by the title Iskat, and the opposite is the Grand Inquisitor himself.

9/9 Second Sister

Trilla Suduri

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Cal Fighting Second Sister

The Second Sister made her first transient look within the nineteenth problem of the Darth Vader (2017) comics, however her rise to fame got here with the sport Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order the place she served as the principle antagonist for hero Cal Kestis.

Fallen Order helped develop Second Sister, depicting her as a terrifying and at occasions sympathetic adversary. Her look was strikingly just like that of Darth Vader, together with a helmet that hid her face. Second Sister was extraordinarily clever and highly effective, however was finally killed by Vader for her failure.

8/9 Third Sister

Reva Sevander

Reva Sevander Star Wars

The Obi-Wan Kenobi sequence launched followers to Reva Sevander, in any other case referred to as Third Sister. Reva will get extra screentime than some other Inquisitor in Obi-Wan Kenobi and is proven to be considerably overzealous in comparison with her comrades in her hunt for Kenobi.

Third Sister even turned on the Grand Inquisitor at one level, stabbing him for getting in her method. Reva briefly served as Grand Inquisitor earlier than she confirmed her true intentions and tried to assault Vader. Though left for lifeless by Vader, she survived and her destiny was left open.

7/9 Fourth Sister

Identify Unknown

Fourth Sister

The Fourth Sister is considerably of a thriller. Her first point out was in problem 4 of Star Wars Adventures: Return to Vader’s Fortress the place she was impersonated. All followers obtained to see at first was her armor.

She finally made an precise look in Obi-Wan Kenobi alongside different inquisitors. Fourth Sister doesn’t play a big position within the sequence. Regardless of this, her sharp tone in her few traces make her come off imposing sufficient.

6/9 Fifth Brother

Identify Unknown

Fifth Brother Rebels

Fifth Brother is a terrifying character who appears to be begin out pretty level-headed – as seen within the Obi-Wan Kenobi sequence– however turns into fairly vicious as time goes on – as seen in Rebels. His helmet additionally units him other than the opposite inquisitors.

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Fifth Brother was a really robust and huge determine, which he used in opposition to his victims who have been typically smaller than him. He most well-liked brute power to technique and his sinister look with sharp enamel bared would have struck worry into these round him. That mentioned, his power was not sufficient to struggle off Maul.

5/9 Sixth Brother

Bil Valen

Star Wars Sixth Brother Vader comic

He was first talked about within the 2016 novel Ahsoka, however the Sixth Brother was first pictured in problem 6 of the Darth Vader comedian. Sixth Brother was a member of an unidentified race with pale blue pores and skin and scar-like markings on his face.

Sixth Brother was ruthless, loved killing innocents, and even minimize Ninth Sister’s leg off to make sure his personal security once they have been attacked. His overconfidence led to his loss of life at Ahsoka’s hand, and it was his lightsaber crystals that Ahsoka cleansed to make her white lightsabers.

4/9 Seventh Sister

Identify Unknown

Seventh Sister Rebels

Making her first look alongside Fifth Brother in Rebels, Seventh Sister was simply as intimidating as her cohort, albeit for various causes. She brought about loads of issues for the Spectres and assisted in stealing Pressure-sensitive youngsters throughout the galaxy.

Being the alternative of Fifth Brother, Seventh Sister was artful in battle and used her fast wit to win encounters over pure power. She appreciated to tease her opponents, typically taking a flirty tone, to maintain them off guard, and would make use of droids as sneaky a backup. Seventh Sister fell to Maul on Malachor.

3/9 Eighth Brother

Identify Unknown

Eighth Brother

The Eighth Brother was the third of the “sibling inquisitors” to make an look on Rebels. He all the time wore a full helmet, so his face was by no means seen, however he had a really petite and limber construct. This made him a really fast opponent, and he was good at acrobatics.

Eighth Brother tended to be impulsive and aggressive inflicting him to hurry into fight. Nonetheless, if he knew he would not win, he would rapidly get away. In his last battle, Eighth Brother tried to retreat however fell to his loss of life when his broken lightsaber malfunctioned.

2/9 Ninth Sister

Masana Tide

Ninth Sister Fighting Cal Kestis

Alongside Second Sister, Ninth Sister hunted Jedi survivor Cal Kestis. Ninth Sister was a Dowutin, a race identified for its huge dimension and facial tusks. She used her dimension to her benefit and simply overpowered most opponents.

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Ninth Sister had a cybernetic leg after being betrayed by Sixth Brother and misplaced a watch courtesy of Vader. Regardless of shedding her hand within the duel, Ninth Sister was ready to make use of the Pressure to wield her blade earlier than Kestis killed her on Kashyyyk.

1/9 Tenth Brother

Prosset Dibs

Tenth Brother

The Tenth Brother was first launched to followers in Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu as Prosset Dibs. He was the one inquisitor to have previously been a Jedi Grasp and was disillusioned with the Order earlier than the Jedi Purge started. He even tried to kill Mace Windu for the hypocrisy he noticed in Windu and the Order.

Tenth Brother had a placing look as he was a Miraluka, that means he appeared human however didn’t have eyes. In contrast to different inquisitors, he wore little or no armor and wielded two small lightsabers as a substitute of the spinning lightsaber. Tenth Brother was killed when his troopers have been tricked by a Jedi into finishing up Order 66 on the inquisitors.

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