Each Marvel Hero Namor Has Defeated (In Chronological Order)

Namor the Sub-Mariner is certainly one of Marvel Comics’ earliest characters and the primary mutant. As one of many oldest characters within the Marvel Universe, Namor has his justifiable share of enemies, with lots of them being a number of the fiercest heroes.

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Inside his over 80 yr span in comics, Namor’s brute energy has been challenged by many superheroes, however just a few have been victorious. So long as Namor is inside his pure habitat underwater and is motivated to defend Atlantis, his energy and endurance are unmatched. From Jim Hammond to She-Hulk, Namor has spent a long time defeating a few of Marvel’s best heroes.

1/10 Namor Trapped The Unique Human Torch To Include His Flames

Marvel Thriller Vol. 1 #9 (1940), By Invoice Everett, Carl Burgos, John Compton, And Ray Gill

Human Torch flies up to stop Namor from destroying New York in Marvel Comics

As the 2 earliest characters in Marvel Comics, it’s no shock that Namor and Jim Hammond’s Human Torch would cross paths. The 2 legendary characters labored properly as a group, however in addition they bumped heads and disagreed on sure matters.

After an try on Namor’s life, the Sub-Mariner responded by attacking New York. Jim Hammond tried to catch Namor with a view to shield New York, and the 2 went forwards and backwards, making an attempt to cease each other. Ultimately, Namor trapped The Human Torch in a tube to include his powers, slicing off air and stopping him from creating flames.

2/10 Daredevil Was No Match For Namor

Daredevil #7 (1965), By Stan Lee, Wally Wooden, And Artie Simek

Namor punches Daredevil in Marvel Comics

Daredevil could also be often called The Satan of Hell’s Kitchen, however when Namor got here to city, he virtually took over. When looking for counsel by Nelson and Murdock to sue your entire human race for sea air pollution, Namor was denied, so he took his anger out on New York, once more.

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As the town’s protector, Matt Murdock placed on his Daredevil swimsuit and tried his hardest to cease the Sub-Mariner, however he was no match. Namor mainly demolished Daredevil a number of occasions, however Murdock did not quit. In a failed try to subdue Namor, Daredevil electrocuted himself. Namor admired Daredevil’s bravery and gave himself as much as the authorities, however he remained victorious within the combat.

3/10 Namor Blew The Hulk Out Of The Water

Unbelievable Hulk Vol. 1 #118 (1969), By Stan Lee, Herb Trimpe, And Artwork Simek

Herb Trimpe's rendition of Namor and Hulk grappling underwater

After The Chief knocked the Hulk into the ocean prior, Bruce Banner was found within the ocean by Namor’s lover Woman Dorma. Dorma gave Banner a capsule, permitting him to breathe underwater in order that he might recuperate. When Namor discovered about Woman Dorma having one other man in her chambers, he flew right into a jealous rage, and he confronted her.

Their argument wakened Banner, who remodeled into the Hulk, aiming to guard Dorma from Namor. Namor and Hulk’s combat prompted tidal waves and collateral harm to the folks of Atlantis. Namor ultimately knocked the Hulk out of the water. Namor confirmed his victory when he discovered an unconscious Hulk reworking again to Bruce Banner.

4/10 Silver Surfer Was Almost Wiped Out

Sub-Mariner #34 (1970), By Roy Thomas, Sal Buscema, Jim Mooney, and Artwork Simek

Namor punches the Silver Surfer in Marvel Comics

Earlier than forming the tremendous group often called the Titans Three, Namor and Silver Surfer did not see eye to eye. After discovering a machine that might management the climate, Namor sought different heroes that might assist him shield Earth. Whereas on the lookout for Hulk, Namor got here throughout the Silver Surfer and requested Surfer to hitch him in his journey to save lots of the planet.

The Silver Surfer wouldn’t hearken to Namor at first, so Namor pulled him by his foot and into the water. The Silver Surfer struck again and Namor knocked him down once more. The 2 of them went forwards and backwards hanging blows till Namor lastly satisfied The Silver Floor to forfeit and help him in destroying the system.

5/10 Namor Bought Black Panther To Increase The White Flag

Defenders #84 (1980), By Ed Hannigan, Don Perlin, Tex Blaisdell, George Roussos, And Diana Albers

Namor receives a video transmission from Black Panther, informing Namor of his surrender

The strain between Atlantis and Wakanda and their two leaders, Namor and T’Challa (Black Panther), is likely one of the most well-known turf wars in Marvel Comics. After Atlanteans had been caught buying stolen Wakandan tech, T’Challa captured these accountable, which angered Namor.

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Being a diplomatic chief, T’Challa tried to deal with issues peacefully, however Namor wasn’t satisfied. The 2 fought till the Hulk smashed by means of partitions, inflicting a flood. Namor saved each Black Panther and Hulk, bringing them again to the floor. When the Wakandans discovered an injured Black Panther, they believed it was an try at conflict and fired missiles on Atlantis. T’Challa warned Namor of the missiles and surrendered in peace.

6/10 A Hypnotized Namor Defeated Captain America

Captain America Vol 1. #365 (1989), By Mark Gruenwald, Kieron Dwyer, Danny Bulanadi, Bob Sharen, And Jack Morelli

Namor dives at Captain America while under the water, slamming into his shield

Captain America and Namor have a historical past of being frenemies. Even after Namor attacked the Avengers, they ultimately got here to an understanding that they had been each impressed to guard Earth. Nevertheless, Namor’s initiation as a member of the Avengers had a tough begin.

Determined to defeat Captain America, Crimson Cranium employed The Controller to take over Namor and encourage him to kill Captain America. When a hypnotized Namor attacked him, Cap proved no match, and Namor countered each certainly one of his blows. Lastly, Cap needed to play possum to trick Namor into getting near him in order that he might destroy Controller’s system. Captain America restrained Namor, however he didn’t win the combat.

7/10 Final Namor Obliterated The Final Improbable 4

Final Improbable 4 #24-26 (2006), By Mark Millar, Greg Land, Matt Ryan, Justin Ponsor, And Lauren Martin

Ultimate Namor prepares to kill Ultimate Reed Richards in Marvel Comics

Within the Final Universe on Earth 1610, the Final Improbable 4 went to discover the unreachable locations inside Atlantis. They found Namor’s tomb, and he broke free. After combating, Namor satisfied Sue that he wasn’t an enemy and to let him present her the harm that was carried out to his kingdom.

Reed Richards realized Namor was a prisoner and when The Improbable 4 approached the Sub-Mariner, the Atlantean effortlessly subdued every member. Richards even used a helmet that projected his unconscious to create illusions of different superheroes, however Namor was persistent. The one method to cease Namor was for Sue to let him kiss her in entrance of Reed. Sue agreed, and Namor left victorious and happy.

8/10 Namor Despatched Iron Man Flying Throughout the Ocean

New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (2006), By Brian Michael Bendis, Alexander Maleev, Christopher P. Eliopoulos, And David Stewart

Namor punches Iron Man through a building in Marvel Comics

When Iron Man discovered of one other certainly one of Hulk’s harmful rampages that resulted within the loss of life of many harmless lives, he turned to the remainder of the Illuminati for an answer to cease the Hulk. Whereas the opposite members agreed together with his plan to subdue Hulk, Namor felt Iron Man was betraying his fellow Avenger.

Iron Man and Namor exchanged phrases till Namor lastly threw the primary highly effective punch, sending Stark flying by means of the constructing and throughout the ocean. The combat continued underwater the place Namor eliminated Iron Man’s helmet, inflicting him to suffocate. It took Physician Unusual’s enchantments to launch Stark from the Sub-Mariner’s clutches.

9/10 Namor Outsmarted And Physique-Slammed Wolverine

Sub-Mariner Vol 2. #3 (2007), By Mark Cherniss, Peter Johnson, Philippe Briones, Cory Petit, And Paul Mounts

Namor launches from the water, preparing to slam Wolverine into the ground in Marvel Comics

After Atlantean rebels arrange a terror assault in Kansas, Namor bumped into an unwelcoming Wolverine at Charles Xavier’s faculty. Namor tried to elucidate to Wolverine that he wasn’t behind the assaults, however Wolverine was involved that his presence would set off the sentinels, inflicting the mutant college students to grow to be collateral harm.

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Namor punched Logan earlier than he might throw the primary claw, sending him flying throughout the college. The 2 started to tussle, inflicting Namor to fall right into a pool. Wolverine rapidly launched warmth into the pool, hoping to dehydrate Namor, however the Sub-Mariner swiftly swam by means of the concrete, acquired the drop on Wolverine, and energy slammed him into the bottom.

10/10 Namor Overpowered Each She-Hulk And Luke Cage

Uncanny X-Males Vol 2. #12 (2012) By Keiron Gillen, Greg Land, Jay Leisten, Guru eFX, Joe Caramagna, And Nick Lowe

Namor throws Luke Cage at She-Hulk in Avengers Vs X-men

Lots of Namor and She-Hulk’s encounters had been flirtatious, challenges of energy. The 2 highly effective beings by no means actually needed to duke it out in a severe match till the battle between the X-Males and Avengers took a chaotic flip.

After knocking out Luke Cage, leaving him weak on account of his incapacity to breathe underwater, Namor threw Cage’s physique at She-Hulk, knocking her unconscious. Namor then attacked The Factor till Magik transported him out of the combat. Since their skirmish had occurred underwater, it’s clear that The Factor would have been clobbered that point.

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