Frieza is Stronger Than Goku, & One DBZ Assault Proves it

Frieza lately proved he’s stronger than Goku with the revealing of Black Frieza, however one DBZ assault confirmed Frieza was at all times higher than Goku.

Regardless that Frieza has misplaced to Goku on a couple of event all through the course of their Dragon Ball careers, one assault proves to be the proper metaphor for Frieza’s hidden superiority because it at present stands in probably the most lately established continuity.

Goku and Frieza first crossed paths on Planet Namek throughout Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza Saga. In that storyline, Frieza and his military traveled to Namek looking for the Dragon Balls as Frieza wished to make use of their wish-granting magic to make himself immortal. Nevertheless, the Z-Fighters additionally traveled to Namek as they, too, wished to make use of the wish-granting Dragon Balls for their very own, much less villainous functions. Finally, their paths crossed and the Z-Fighters discovered themselves in Frieza’s crosshairs. Fortunately, Goku additionally went to Namek after he heard there was bother, and he had develop into highly effective sufficient to problem Frieza–and he even managed to beat him. Nevertheless, the best way Goku beat Frieza could mockingly solidify why Frieza is definitely stronger.


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In Dragon Ball chapter 502 by Akira Toriyama, Goku has returned from the afterlife with out using the Dragon Balls as Outdated Kai gave the final remaining little bit of his life pressure to Goku so the Saiyan hero might return to Earth and kill Majin Buu earlier than the villain destroyed your entire universe. When Goku arrives at Earth, he doesn’t waste any time and instantly fires an assault in opposition to Buu–and the assault he chooses is Destructo Disc. Destructo Disc is an assault that’s principally utilized by Krillin as it’s his signature approach, however right here Goku is seen utilizing it in opposition to Buu although Frieza already confirmed him the same transfer that’s truly manner stronger.

Frieza’s Dying Saucer is Higher than Goku’s Destructo Disc–Foreshadowing Frieza’s Superiority

DBZ: Frieza is stronger than Goku.

Goku was solely capable of beat Frieza on Namek as a result of he redirected Frieza’s personal assault: the Dying Saucer. Apart from the plain variations in shade (with the Dying Saucer being crimson and pink whereas the Destructo Disc is extra orange and yellow) the Dying Saucer appears to be like and acts very like the Destructo Disc, however it’s truly an upgraded model of that approach. The Dying Saucer permits one to manage the power discs remotely versus the wild and uncontrollable Destructo Discs. Whereas Goku managed to be faster than Frieza’s Dying Saucer, resulting in the assault backfiring in opposition to Frieza and incomes Goku the victory, the approach itself is actually an improved model of the Destructo Disc and proved to be extremely lethal. Mainly, Frieza introduced a greater model of the Destructo Disc to Goku’s consideration lengthy earlier than Goku’s battle with Buu, but Goku nonetheless used the inferior model of the approach. This reveals that Frieza was forward of his time by way of refinement and proficiency in growing the deadliest assaults doable–and that’s why Frieza is at present miles forward of Goku by way of energy stage.

In Dragon Ball Tremendous, Frieza unveiled an all-new kind: Black Frieza. Whereas on this kind, Frieza one-shotted each Goku and Vegeta whereas they had been powered as much as Extremely Intuition and Extremely Ego respectively. With that double-punch, Frieza earned the highest spot because the strongest mortal within the universe. Whereas that will have come as a shock initially, it actually shouldn’t have. Frieza is a grasp tactician, a seasoned warrior, and completed ruler who understands his energy and is aware of the best way to make himself extra highly effective–that’s why he’s extra highly effective than Goku and why, secretly, he at all times has been. Frieza’s evolution is just higher than Goku’s–one thing that was proven with Black Frieza, and one thing that was confirmed lengthy earlier than that with the Dying Saucer, making that one transfer an ideal metaphor for Frieza’s superiority over Goku within the present state of Dragon Ball canon.

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