Would Superman Be Worthy Sufficient To Elevate Mjolnir?

Because the world’s shining beacon of hope, Superman is among the most inspiring and righteous superheroes of all time (at the very least for essentially the most half). With that, many comedian e-book followers have requested the query, is Superman worthy of lifting Mjolnir?

In fact, The Man of Metal is among the most heroic and galvanizing superheroes, committing lots of DC Comics’ most heroic acts. Nevertheless, on the flip facet, Superman has dedicated many atrocities and egocentric acts that show that he actually isn’t excellent. Sure, we do need to level out that there are an infinite quantity of Superman variations throughout the huge DC multiverse, and a few are far more heroic and extra evil than others. Nonetheless, we’re merely taking a look at his character as a complete, and if one variant was capable of commit an unjust and heinous act, then in idea, so are all of the Superman variants.


Mjolnir is the long-lasting weapon wielded by Thor that may solely be wielded by the nobelist and mightiest of characters. The hammer has an infinite mass, and those that carry the hammer additionally get granted the ability of Thor. To have the ability to carry Mjolnir just isn’t about sheer power, as a result of not even the Hulk may carry it. It’s as a substitute about how noble and righteous you’re, and stepping as much as be a hero when wanted. Some Marvel characters comparable to Captain America, Imaginative and prescient, Jane Foster, Beta Ray Invoice, and even a mighty frog named Throg, “The Frog of Thunder” have been capable of carry Mjolnir. Equally, with Marvel’s many crossover comedian books, characters like Surprise Girl and Conan The Barbarian have additionally confirmed worthy sufficient to carry the hammer as nicely. If any DC hero is worthy sufficient to carry Mjolnir, Superman needs to be the primary on each fan’s minds, proper? Properly, the query nonetheless stays, is Superman worthy sufficient to wield the mighty Norse weapon?

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Why Superman is Worthy

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Immediately, many followers would assume that Superman is certainly worthy. Particularly given how righteous the character is, and the way his character is used as an emblem of hope, not simply in DC Comics, however in all of popular culture. With this alone, after all he’s worthy. Superman has saved numerous lives in lots of heroic acts. In simply the films alone, Superman has saved employees from a burning oil rig; he caught a airplane out of the sky, and naturally, he has saved the world many a time from his iconic rogues gallery. The comics give Superman most of the most heroic moments in his character’s historical past, together with pulling Earth out of the Darkish Multiverse, giving up his powers, and even sacrificing himself in an effort to save the world. Few comedian e-book characters have come near matching the heroic moments of The Son of Krypton.

Why Superman Isn’t Worthy

Injustice Superman Kills Joker
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Like beforehand talked about, Superman actually isn’t excellent, which can be a shock to some, however most followers know that Superman has dedicated some very terrifying and practically world-ending atrocities. For one, Superman will be pretty reckless, crashing by means of buildings and destroying them, in addition to snapping Common Zod’s neck. Though Zod was a heinous villain, heroes have a strict code of conduct the place they don’t kill, and by doing so, they change into no higher than their villains. However this doesn’t cease there, within the Injustice film, video video games, and comics, Superman kills the Joker for killing Lois Lane and setting off a nuclear bomb within the coronary heart of Metropolis, which then causes Superman to rule over Earth, changing into a form of Dictator. These horrendous acts are devastating sufficient, however the truth that it is Superman committing these crimes, makes the occasions far more terrifying and far more surprising.

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Superman has Truly Lifted Mjolnir Earlier than

Superman Holding Mjolnir
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Sure, as a shock to many, Superman has briefly lifted the mighty hammer in an exceptional crossover with Marvel and DC Comics. The most effective comedian e-book crossovers ever, The JLA/Avengers written by Kurt Busiek and George Perez, provides followers probably the most thrilling comedian e-book panels ever, the place Superman wields not solely Thor’s hammer, however Captain America’s Defend, as nicely. The comedian run pits the Avengers and the Justice League towards each other in lots of epic battles over the course of a galactic hunt for 12 iconic objects hidden round their worlds.

Within the closing battle, the Avengers and Justice League workforce up towards Krona, the place Captain America provides Superman his defend, so he can lead the cost. Superman is the one hero standing after the remainder of our heroes fell in battle. On the closing push, Thor throws Mjolnir to Superman in an effort to destroy the cosmically-powered barrier. Nevertheless, after the battle, Superman makes an attempt to carry Mjolnir once more, however is unable to shift it. Thor then explains that Odin (who was observing the battle) made an exception for Superman, so that they could possibly be victorious. This then proves that whereas Superman did briefly wield the hammer, he actually isn’t worthy. At the very least not as worthy as Surprise Girl, who lifted the hammer with ease and 0 help.


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So, after cautious consideration and teeing up either side of the argument, we draw a closing verdict stating that Superman isn’t worthy sufficient to wield Mjolnir. Though extremely righteous and heroic for essentially the most half, the atrocious acts that Superman dedicated are too evil, and consequently, outshine Superman’s brightest and most heroic moments.

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